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Why you need a valuation for Insurance purposes

Do you have a valuation?

There are many reasons to have your Jewellery Valued.

Many Household Insurance Companies require an independent valuation for single items of jewellery over a certain value. This value threshold can differ depending on your particular policy. Apart from giving your Insurance company a value to replace the item, our valuation documents will also give you not only a photograph, but detailed information including identification of any gemstones, weights and sizes; it will verify the type of metal, eg gold, silver, platinum, palladium etc and its fineness. These descriptions will also help identify your jewellery if it is recovered by the Police and possibly, if the jewellery was stolen, help convict the criminals involved. It will also verify what you owned before any loss occurred!Pearl and Diamond earings

Apart from losses, it can also prove ownership in the event of any dispute, for example, if you have been on holiday wearing an item of jewellery and on re-entering the country the customs officer asks if you bought it abroad, if it is already valued and documented on your Household Insurance this would be confirmation that you owned the piece before you went away.

If you already have a Valuation, is it accurate? Is it recent?

In the unfortunate event of the loss of any of your jewellery, are you confident that your current Insurance valuation would cover the cost of an equivalent replacement?Diamond bracelet

Unlike many consumer goods, Jewellery prices do not simply rise in line with factors such as inflation. The value is influenced by many factors, including world events, fluctuations in gold prices, availability, desirability of a particular Gemstone and fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates.

I can help.

Apart from Insurance Replacement I also offer valuations for:

  • Probate
  • Family Division
  • Private Sale
  • Jewellery Identification
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