Susan Pennington FGA DGA FNAG PJ.Val.Dip FIRV Valuer of Jewellery for insurance, probate, capital gains or divorce settlement
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Valuation Days

I often hold Valuation Days at selected Jewellery Retailers.

This is where you can come along to a convenient venue and watch whilst I value your Jewellery. You do not need to leave your Jewellery as I can take all the details back to my office and the ValuationDiamond Certificate will be prepared and posted to you. This is convenient and only costs the same as a regular Valuation.

Please contact us for details of a Valuation Day in your area as you will need to make an appointment as they prove very popular!

Or alternatively ask your Local Jeweller to contact me to arrange a Valuation Day in their shop.

Trade enquiries for these events are always welcome.


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