Susan Pennington FGA DGA FNAG PJ.Val.Dip FIRV Valuer of Jewellery for insurance, probate, capital gains or divorce settlement
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Well Equipped Gem Laboratory

Before a value can be attributed to your Jewellery, Susan has to confirm exactly what it consists of!

All Gemstones have to be thoroughly tested to ensure their identity. Even once the identity is established, the stones are then examined under a high powered microscope to check that they are natural and not synthetic, once that is established your Jewellery and Gemstones will then be examined to check for treatments which will affect the value.

TourmalineWhilst examining carefully, the gemstones will also be graded under special lighting for clarity, colour, and the quality of its cut; it will also be carefully measured. Once measurements are taken then the carat weight can be calculated. All this is done whilst the stone is still in its mount eliminating the need, time, risk and expense to take it out of its setting.

If the settings are not hallmarked by a recognised Assay Office then the metal will be tested to confirm its identity and fineness.

All this testing is done in Susan's well equipped mini laboratory, without the need for your precious items to be sent away. It is only on a very, very rare occasion that a specialised second opinion from a commercial laboratory is necessary and then only with the owners full consent.Pearl Bracelet on Shell


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