Susan Pennington FGA DGA FNAG PJ.Val.Dip FIRV Valuer of Jewellery for insurance, probate, capital gains or divorce settlement
Assortment of Rings

Examples of Valuation

Your valuation will be produced in booklet form, Bound in a protective cover with a clear plastic front. The front will have your name, but unless requested the address is not put on the schedule. This is for security purposes, if a Valuation was lost and the address was printed on, a potential thief would notOrange Cut Stone only know where you lived but what type of Jewellery was kept there and how much it was worth! Also if you move house you will not need to have your valuation reprinted.

For Insurance valuations, a whole page will be devoted to each item. As you can see from the above examples, the valuation schedule will be headed with your name, a title of the item and a full description including, the types of gemstones included, their dimensions, calculated weights etc. Then identifying marks, inscriptions, brand names and hallmarks etc will be noted. If the metal is not hallmarked, the metal will be tested and the results stated. Any relevant dimensions and weights will be recorded. All these details would help an Insurance company provide an accurate replacement in the event of a loss or the valuation would help identify your piece if recovered by the Police.

The calculated NRV ‘New replacement Value’ will be stated in words and figures. The date will be recorded, but also data taken on that day used in the calculations, such as the relevant Gold and Platinum prices; also the US dollar exchange rate will be stated for that day. This is essential as all Gemstone and Precious Metal prices worldwide are quoted in dollars, so have to be converted into sterling. It is essential that the exchange rate used is noted in case in the event of a loss, the currency exchange rate, if significantly different from the rate used in the calculation for your valuation, Pear Shape Cut Stonewould greatly affect the replacement cost of an equivalent piece of Jewellery, even if the actual basic cost of the materials has not altered!

Detailed close up, colour, photographs, taken usually from at least two angles would also be provided. The Valuation would then be signed by Susan. Security numbered hologram stickers would be strategically placed on your valuation. The paper would also then be embossed with the ‘IRV’ logo. All these give security and help to prevent possible fraud.

Your valuation certificate will give you an attractive, accurate record of your treasured pieces of Jewellery.Yellow Cut Stone

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